This Month's Freebie!!

There is currently no SPECIFIC freebie this month!

Every order still includes a freebie- but ill instead throw in something relevant to what you ordered. (Usually a few flake stickers or tiny versions that I get as an excess with creating stickers)

PLANNED freebies will return in the summer!

About Freebies
Every month anyone who orders ANYTHING from my shop receives a semi-random freebie sticker with their order! Freebies are usually avaliable to purchase after the month is over, but some may go away forever (or at least a long time!)

Past Freebies

June 2022 - Unicorn Glass Sparkle Vinyl Sticker
April 2022 - Cat Flake Sticker Set x4
May 2022 - BORB Flake Sticker Set x4