Hi there! I'm TJ Gallahan (aka TGI) and Part-Time Cryptid is my little art shop for all the doohickeys and whackamabobs I've been creating in my studio (which is currently the unused corner of my living room).

The majority of the things you'll find in my shop are handmade with the excpetion of a few things that I currently can't make myself. I have my own printer and various industrial machines that I use to create stuff!

I currently work part-time creating stuff so this is all the result of sleepless nights and pure passion. Every purchase you make here goes towards my goal of quitting my day job and making this my full-time thing. So if you like my work and would like to see more of it, that's the best way to support me!

Thank you for checking out my shop and take a look at my CARRD if you wanna look at my work in other places!